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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

I have always adopted the mentality that a new year is blossoming with new opportunities, and fresh starts. I am committed to making 2016 the best year yet!  No more waiting for happiness to kick me in the teeth, I am going to become an active participant in my life, and seek out the joy in every day.  I've thought a lot about my resolutions for this year, and came to the following conclusion.

So often our New Year's resolutions involve making decisions to be less in someway. To weigh less, to spend less, to care less about what other people think. This year I am going to make the resolution to be "more" instead. To love more, to sleep more, to be more health conscious .
More grateful.
More present.
More patient.
More aware of the impact I can make on the world just by being a little bit more every day.

To give myself more room to make mistakes, and to ask questions.

To be more comfortable in my own skin, and to know that I'm doing my best.

To realize that the more I rush through life with blinders on striving for that next arbitrary goal that will bring me "fulfillment", the more I am missing all the little things along the way that are the true key to happiness.
Here's to 2016, the year I resolve to be more in awe of my life, and the amazing people who are in it.
What's your "more" this year?

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