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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Julep Maven ♥ October 2015

My Julep box came in the mail today, and it is glorious!  The collection is called New York Never Sleeps.  The colours from this collection are absolutely stunning.

For this box I chose three nail polishes, and an Eyeshadow.  Two of the nail polishes (Jocelyn, and Alison, came in the collection, and the third (Tanith), was an add-on.

This first shade is called Jocelyn, and it is described as a Cranberry Shimmer with Holographic Microglitter.  This is Fall in a bottle, am I right?  It is a lovely, Autumnal colour with an insane amount of iridescence.  I cannot wait to try this one on.  It is from the Classic with a Twist category.

This shade is called Tanith, and it is described as a Warm Putty with Gold Microglitter.  I would call this more of a dusty rose than a "putty", but I guess we will have to see what it looks like on the nails. This also has a ton of microglitter, which I am so in love with right now.  Isn't this such a pretty, feminine shade?  Also from the Classic with a Twist box!

This last polish is called Alison, and it is described as a Sweet Almond Soft Focus.  Julep's soft focus polishes are a delicate, matte finish.  I have tried this finish before and it is really unique, and pretty. I thought this shade would be very dainty, and neutral, with an added flair of the matte effect.  We will see!  Shockingly, also from the Classic with a Twist category!  I almost never get three of the same!

Julep's special offering this month were Eyeshadow sticks, or Eyeshadow 101's as they call them.  This one is in the shade Orchid.  It is really more of a plummy, cranberry than orchid.  I am excited to try this on my eyes tomorrow.  The swatch stayed on my hand for a really long time, so the staying power on this might be pretty great.

Overall I am very, very pleased with this collection!  There were some incredibly unique shades on offer, and the ones I received are truly stunning.  I can't wait to slap these on my nails!

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