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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Weekly Whimsy ♥ #2

We'll never know what each new day will bring us.  This can be a scary thought.  It is hard for us to tolerate uncertainty.  This is something that can make us feel really anxious!  The uncertainty of life is what makes us uneasy, but is also what makes life worth living.  If we knew what each day would bring, our lives might get kind of boring.  This quote makes me reflect on the importance of not dwelling on the things we cannot control, or predict.  Instead, we can hope, and dream, and live each day to the fullest.  Leave yourself open to the possibilities and challenges of every day you are given.

Be open to the wonder, and whimsy of life.  Sometimes life can be difficult, and filled with uncertainty, but we don't have to let that take away our hope, and our happiness.  When you look up at the stars, let yourself dream, and imagine what could come your way, and you will help to attract those things to you.

I hope you are having an excellent week!  Feel free to use, and share this pin!


  1. This is so true!Such a nice post!I really enjoy your posts with a quote!


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