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Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Struggle is Real | Aluminum-Free Deodorant

I have been on a tireless search over the last several years.  My goal?  To find an aluminum-free deodorant that actually works.

I do not glow.  I do not sparkle.  I sweat.  I also have an intense fear of possibly being "less than fresh" while in public.  This has led me to keep an extra deodorant in my desk at work, just in case my brain fails me in the morning and I forget to apply before I leave.  My job is definitely not what one would consider "active".  I am a therapist, and therefore, I sit on my buttski for 8 hours everyday, either with my clients, or on the computer typing up notes.  That being said, I still work up enough of a sweat that a good deodorant is a must-have.

My favourite deodorant of all time is not aluminum-free.  It is the Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusions range.  I am currently using the Coco Fresh scent, but I also love the Fruity Melon.  It smells like watermelon, which is one of my fave scents of all time.  These deodorants will legit keep me fresh all the live long day.  Unfortunately, there has been so much talk about the harsh chemicals in these deodorants possibly being linked to some scary health issues.  I am not a scientist, so I can't speak to whether these claims are scientifically proven, but I definitely do not want to risk it.  Hence, my valiant quest to find a more natural deodorant which will keep me fresh.

So far, not so good.

I have tried several aluminum-free deodorants, and none of them have been able to pass the 4-hour test, let alone the full work day test.  Read below for my experience with high-end, and drugstore products.

Lavanila - The Health Deodorant in Pure Vanilla

I had the highest hopes for this little sucker.  I got a smaller size at Sephora one day after hearing some pretty rave reviews about it.  The price was pretty steep at about $8-10 for a mini.  I just went on the Sephora Canada site to confirm price, but it appears that they do not have Lavanila anymore.  Interesting.  This deodorant has a lovely smell, and goes on very smoothly.  After a few hours, and a discreet sniff, I could definitely tell that this was not going to keep me fresh for the whole work day.  I put it in my cupboard for about a month.  When I opened it up to give it another shot, it had become very moist, and ironically, almost sweaty in consistency.  No good.

L'Occitane - Refreshing Aromatic Deodorant

This deodorant does an alright job in the 'keeping it fresh' department.  I would say that this can last almost an entire work day.  Unfortunately, the smell of this deodorant is almost too rank for me to wear.  I don't know if it just does not wear well on me, but it has a very acidic, almost reminiscent of pure lemon juice scent.  I really do not like it.  Have any of you tried it with a different result?  At $24 dollars, I will not be repurchasing this.  I just checked Sephora Canada for this too, and it appears to have disappeared.

Green Beaver - Natural Deodorant in Citrus

I have tried this deodorant in the cream form, as well as the clear form.  It smells completely amazing.  It is a sweet, candied lemon scent, which I am a huge sucker for.  This barely passes the 4-hour test, however.  Sad face!  It is very affordable though, at about $6!  If you are looking for a place to start, I would recommend this.  It may work better for you, perhaps you have more forgiving sweat glands!  I found this in the health aisle at Real Canadian Superstore.

Jason - Nourishing Apricot Deodorant Stick

This stuff also smells amazing.  It is a sweet, peachy/apricot scent.  This may pass the 4-hour test.  Maybe I should just start reapplying this halfway through the day.  Discreetly behind my office door.  Might be worth a try.  This was also about $6 at Superstore.

Please, please, share any suggestions you have for natural deodorants!  I am willing to try anything, high-end, or drugstore.  Until then, I will stick with my Lady Speed Stick, pun intended.

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  1. Hi Kat! Very informative post! It made me google mine, Dove, and surprise surprise, also has Aluminum. It sucks that these natural ones don't last the whole day. Good luck in your quest!

    Reg of

    1. Thank you! Dove makes some great ones, too bad they don't have a more natural range! :)

      Kat ♥

  2. Hi!As I was reading this post,I thought of my favorite VICHY traitement anti-transpirant 48H alcohol- free and paraben- free deodorant for sensitive skin.It is truly the best deodorant ever in the world.I recommend it to everyone and my whole family uses that deodorant because it has no scent and there is no possible way of smelling ever!The protection that it gives you is incredible.But I just went to check,it is not aluminum free.But still,if you do have a really big problem with sweating and smelling,maybe you shoud give it a go:) Love your blog,by the way:)

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestion, I will check it out! :)


  3. Hi Kat -- just as someone from the science side, most of the deodorants-are-scary studies have been debunked (i've been wanting to do a post on that!), but i know people still have their preferences -- awesome round up on options :) Ive heard a lot of the same disappointing comments about The Healthy Deodorant. Have you tried using one of those really strong sweat blocker type anti-persperants (like CertainDri) which would reduce the bacteria food that cause the smells? Of course they can be harsh and chemically. Ive been using them regularly for years and it makes a big difference.

    1. I'll have to take a look at the one you suggested! I would love to read your post on the studies. Sometimes it can be scary when you read so many negatives.



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