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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Starbucks Cold Brew ♥ Review

I love, love, loveeee coffee!  I drink at least one cup every morning.  Some days I need an afternoon pick-me-up, and those are the days when I will run to the nearby Starbucks and get myself some caffeine to get through the rest of the workday.

On my way in to work last week I heard a commercial on the radio for Starbuck's new Cold Brew.  I love iced coffee this time of year, so I thought I would give it a try.  I love Iced Lattes, and Iced Americanos, so I assumed it would be similar.

Cold Brew is a coffee that is "slow-steeped for 20 hours in cool water", according to Starbuck's website.  It is also described as having "hints of citrus and chocolate".  What I didn't realize after reading the site is that this coffee is sweetened.  I don't typically like my coffee sweet, unless I am going all out and having a caramel macchiato, etc.  This coffee was pretty good, and definitely strong. Next time I order it I will ask for it unsweetened.

What do you guys like to drink this time of year to keep you cool?


  1. Sadly we don't have a lot of Starbucks stores. But I love Starbucks Berry Refresh!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Great post! I want some coffee now! I don't like my coffee sweetened either. :D

  3. lovely review!

    check out my blog + follow back?

    Jess |

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