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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back to School ♥ Loonie Store Haul

I love this time of year because all of the stores start their Back to School sales!  I was always one of those dorky kids who got totally excited when their school supply list showed up.  My mom and I would go to our local Zellers (Canadians will be able to feel the nostalgia with me), and we would get our shop on.

Even when I was in grad school, I would always go to Walmart, Target, or the Loonie Store to indulge in a bit of cheeky back to school shopping.  Despite having finished school three years ago, I still get very, very stoked when I see the notebooks, stickers, and pens being put on the shelves.  

One of my favourite places for school supplies is the Loonie Store!  That's what we call the Dollar Store where I come from.  Here are a few things I managed to grab up from Dollarama.  Everything was only $1.25!  I wonder if they will ever change their name to the Loonie and a Quarter store?

I got this great magnetic, weekly, dry-erase board!  My plan is to start using this to plan my workouts, and my blog schedule.  I am trying to work out at least three days a week, in order to keep up with my fitness goals.  You can read more about my fitness goals here!

Who doesn't love a good notebook?  I just couldn't pass up this beauty for only a $1.25.  Not sure what I am going to use it for yet, oh well!  I love the added detail inside with the beautiful blue pattern.  It has a hardcover on it, which will make it nice if I want to use it to write lists when I am watching TV, or in bed.

Last, but not least, I got some adorable cat stickers.  No #catlady worth her salt could have passed on these.  Especially since two of them look just like my little buddies!  Look closely, and you'll see I labelled them!  I have always loved stickers, and I doubt I will ever grow out of that.

While at the Loonie Store, I also grabbed a bag of Laffy Taffy, and some Sour Patch Kid Jelly Beans.  I had never seen the Jelly Beans before.  They were pretty meh.

Do you guys like to shop at the Loonie/Dollar Store?  It is such a good value for the price.


  1. Great post! I absolutely love stationary! x

  2. I love the kitty stamps!! Usually cat art is so lame but those are totes amazing!!!


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