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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weekly Whimsy ♥ #4

Happy Wednesday everyone!

How is your week going so far?  Sometimes we have good days, and sometimes we have bad days. As human beings, we are prone to collect all of the moments from the bad days, and carry them around with us.  We are so much less likely to remember all of the good moments that happen.  We will sometimes just brush off these positive moments as "flukes", or not give ourselves credit where it is due.  This can begin to feel really heavy, because we end up carrying around all of the garbage, and negativity from the past.  If we can let those things go, it begins to feel easier to walk around without being weighed down.

Make it a habit to sit down at the end of the day and think of three things that went well, or that made you happy.  Even the littlest things can count!  Mentally shake off the negatives from the day, whether it is something rude someone said to you, or maybe something silly you wish you hadn't said.  Help to train your brain to focus on, and remember the good moments, and the backpack you carry with you through life will seem a lot lighter.

Feel free to pin this if it inspires you!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back to School ♥ Loonie Store Haul

I love this time of year because all of the stores start their Back to School sales!  I was always one of those dorky kids who got totally excited when their school supply list showed up.  My mom and I would go to our local Zellers (Canadians will be able to feel the nostalgia with me), and we would get our shop on.

Even when I was in grad school, I would always go to Walmart, Target, or the Loonie Store to indulge in a bit of cheeky back to school shopping.  Despite having finished school three years ago, I still get very, very stoked when I see the notebooks, stickers, and pens being put on the shelves.  

One of my favourite places for school supplies is the Loonie Store!  That's what we call the Dollar Store where I come from.  Here are a few things I managed to grab up from Dollarama.  Everything was only $1.25!  I wonder if they will ever change their name to the Loonie and a Quarter store?

I got this great magnetic, weekly, dry-erase board!  My plan is to start using this to plan my workouts, and my blog schedule.  I am trying to work out at least three days a week, in order to keep up with my fitness goals.  You can read more about my fitness goals here!

Who doesn't love a good notebook?  I just couldn't pass up this beauty for only a $1.25.  Not sure what I am going to use it for yet, oh well!  I love the added detail inside with the beautiful blue pattern.  It has a hardcover on it, which will make it nice if I want to use it to write lists when I am watching TV, or in bed.

Last, but not least, I got some adorable cat stickers.  No #catlady worth her salt could have passed on these.  Especially since two of them look just like my little buddies!  Look closely, and you'll see I labelled them!  I have always loved stickers, and I doubt I will ever grow out of that.

While at the Loonie Store, I also grabbed a bag of Laffy Taffy, and some Sour Patch Kid Jelly Beans.  I had never seen the Jelly Beans before.  They were pretty meh.

Do you guys like to shop at the Loonie/Dollar Store?  It is such a good value for the price.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Weekly Whimsy ♥ #3

Even when it seems like there are nothing but bad days, life can surprise you and throw something great in your path.  If we are open to the possibility of great things, we are more likely to be aware of the doors that open to us.  These doors can help lead us to those fabulous things taking shape.  Keep your eyes, and your heart open to the possibilities, and know that even when times are rough, we have the power to make positive change and move towards the lives we want to be living.  Keep working hard toward your goals, and you will get there!

Feel free to use this, and pin it if you like :)  Have an awesome Wednesday!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara in Portly Plum

Mascara is definitely one of those things I do not tend to get excited about.  I can't even remember the last time I bought one!  I will typically just choose a mini mascara as a reward if I am placing an order on Sephora, and that carries me through until the next time I can spend 100 points to get a sample.  This has worked well for me for quite some time! However, I saw the Clinique Chubby Lash mascara online in the shade Black Honey, and was very intrigued.  I went onto Sephora's website and saw that there were several other colours as well.  I opted for the shade Portly Plum, which is just as the name suggests, a plummy maroon colour.

I was slightly intimidated by the shade when I opened the tube.  It is epicly purple.  In the picture below, you can see what the mascara looked like after one coat on my top lashes.  It definitely has a noticable colour to it.  I love it, because I think it brings out the green tones in my hazel eyes.  The colour is only noticable if you are in brighter light, and the person is fairly close to your face.  It is one of those, "if you can see the colour of my mascara, then you might be too close", situations.  I think it is subtle, and quite lovely.

Left eye with Clinique Chubby Lash in Portly Plum

Right eye, no mascara for comparison.

If you compare the two pictures above, one with, and one without mascara, I think you can see that this product provides some pretty decent length and volume.  I have medium to long lashes, and this mascara gives them that extra pop.  I have quite a small space between my top eyelid, and my eyebrow, so I know a mascara is decent when my lashes almost touch my eyebrows.

I experienced no clumpiness, or flaking from this product, and it removed quite easily at the end of the day.  The price is pretty reasonable at $20 per tube, considering how expensive some drugstore mascaras can be (I'm looking at you, Physician's Formula!).

I definitely want to try some other shades.  Perhaps the teal next?

Which shade would you want to try?

Friday, July 17, 2015

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lovecraft

I was very well-behaved last Christmas, and I limited myself to one gift set at Sephora.  The gift set that I simply could not resist, was the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Minis.  This set came with 9 lipsticks.  The one that I love the most is called Lovecraft.  It is a great mauvey-nude shade.  It is very wearable, while still having a unique flare.  These lipsticks apply well, and I think that the fact that they are mini makes them even easier to apply!  The packaging on the Studded Kiss lipsticks is some of the best out there.  It is very unique, and definitely a conversation starter!  This partiuclar shade comes across almost matte in appearance, but still very creamy.  Great lippie for every day!

Do you have any of Kat Von D's lipsticks?  She has such a great name, don't you think? *winky face*

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Revlon Berry Haute ♥ Rave

Revlon - Berry Haute

This is one of my favourite lipsticks of all time.  It is gorgeous in the tube, and a really unique plummy colour on the lips.  I think this has been part of the Revlon range for a long time, but I picked it up last year when the radiant orchid trend was on the rise.  I think this is a great colour for any time of year.  It has just the right amount of brightness for Spring/Summer, while still having the plumminess that is so popular during the Autumn, and Winter months. Revlon makes some of the best, and most affordable lipsticks out there.  What's your favourite?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Weekly Whimsy ♥ #2

We'll never know what each new day will bring us.  This can be a scary thought.  It is hard for us to tolerate uncertainty.  This is something that can make us feel really anxious!  The uncertainty of life is what makes us uneasy, but is also what makes life worth living.  If we knew what each day would bring, our lives might get kind of boring.  This quote makes me reflect on the importance of not dwelling on the things we cannot control, or predict.  Instead, we can hope, and dream, and live each day to the fullest.  Leave yourself open to the possibilities and challenges of every day you are given.

Be open to the wonder, and whimsy of life.  Sometimes life can be difficult, and filled with uncertainty, but we don't have to let that take away our hope, and our happiness.  When you look up at the stars, let yourself dream, and imagine what could come your way, and you will help to attract those things to you.

I hope you are having an excellent week!  Feel free to use, and share this pin!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Julep Alexa ♥ NOTD

Hey all!  Here is the second polish that came in my Julep Maven box for July 2015.  Check out the original post here.  You can also check out my post on the other shade, Juliana, here!

This polish is called Alexa.  It is described by Julep as being a Hyacinth Creme.  This is an incredibly unique shade.  I would describe it as a periwinkle with hints of grey.  It is a lovely shade that is between blue, and purple.  This is a really cool shade, one of those ones that keeps you looking down at your nails all day.  It applied really well in two coats.

What are you guys wearing on your nails right now? :)

Monday, July 13, 2015

My Tarte Blush Collection ♥ Review

Blush is, hands down, my favourite type of makeup.  I love the moment after my foundation is on, when I get to choose which blush I am going to go for.  Tarte has some of the best blushes out there.  The ingredients are great, they are formulated without Parabens and Sulphates.  They are long-lasting (12 hours, according to their advertising).  The majority of them are not too pigmented, and are highly buildable.  I like this because it helps to reduce the likelihood of me leaving the house with clown-face.

Mirage  This came in the Tarte Pigment of Imagination Cheat Set last year.  It was on sale, for about $12, so I could not pass it up.  It is a nice, soft, peachy pink shade.  This is not part of their regular range.

Flush  This is the new formulation of the shade Flush.  The old formulation was a darker berry colour, this one is more of a radiant orchid, pinky purple shade.  Which means, I could not pass it up!

Glisten  Glisten is a lovely 'shimmering pinky peach', as it is described in the Sephora website.  This one is a great shade for Summer.  Steer clear if you are not a fan of lots of shimmer!

Memorable  This came in the Tarte of Giving Collector's set that came out in 2013.  This blush is a nice mauvey pink shade.  It has a slight shimmer to it.  Unfortunately this one is not part of the regular range either.

Tipsy  This blush is described as 'coral' on Sephora's website, but this is straight-up orange.  It is gorgeous!  I love this blush, it is so unique, and great for Spring and Summer.

Exposed  This one is a cult-classic.  It is a nude blush, with a slight mauve tone to it.  I love this blush for those days where you have no idea how to coordinate with your lips.  It is so subtle, and pretty.

Natural Beauty  This shade is described as a 'muted strawberry red' on the Sephora site, and I think this is a great description.  I bought this blush after Essiebutton talked about it in one of her videos.  It goes great with a red lip.  Such an awesome Autumn/Winter shade!  Another very unique one.

Amused  I think this blush has been discontinued, as I purchased it when it was on sale on the Sephora site.  I also can't see it listed anymore on the Canadian site.  It is a bright pink, and I got it for $17.  This one is super pigmented, so I have to be careful when I apply it.

Adored  This is another bright pink, but with a fair shade of shimmer in it.  This is a very bubblegum pink.  This one isn't appearing on the Canadian site either!  I guess this one is discontinued as well.

Blushing Bride  This shade makes me crave Autumn sooooo bad!  It is a gorgeous shimmery plum shade.  This was reformulated last year, and no longer has shimmer in it, from what I understand.  I have googled comparisons online, and the shades look relatively similar, but I am not sure.  I love that mine has some shimmer in it though!

My favourites are Flush, Exposed, Natural Beauty, and Blushing Bride.  Those are the ones I get the most use out of.

I have had Captivating on my wishlist for over a year now, ever since I heard Ingrid talk about it in her May favourites video last year!  It is a gorgeous warm peach shade.

Do you guys have any Tarte blushes?  What are your faves, or which ones do you have on your wishlists?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Starbucks Cold Brew ♥ Review

I love, love, loveeee coffee!  I drink at least one cup every morning.  Some days I need an afternoon pick-me-up, and those are the days when I will run to the nearby Starbucks and get myself some caffeine to get through the rest of the workday.

On my way in to work last week I heard a commercial on the radio for Starbuck's new Cold Brew.  I love iced coffee this time of year, so I thought I would give it a try.  I love Iced Lattes, and Iced Americanos, so I assumed it would be similar.

Cold Brew is a coffee that is "slow-steeped for 20 hours in cool water", according to Starbuck's website.  It is also described as having "hints of citrus and chocolate".  What I didn't realize after reading the site is that this coffee is sweetened.  I don't typically like my coffee sweet, unless I am going all out and having a caramel macchiato, etc.  This coffee was pretty good, and definitely strong. Next time I order it I will ask for it unsweetened.

What do you guys like to drink this time of year to keep you cool?

Aveeno Fragrance-Free Body Wash ♥ Accutane Essentials

Welcome to another installment of my Accutane Essentials.  After being prescribed Accutane, I went out and purchased a new body wash.  Previous to this, I always just used some delicious-smelling body wash from Bath and Body works.  I knew that my skin would be pretty sensitive over the next months while on Accutane, so I went out looking for something new.  Aveeno has typically been pretty okay when it comes to my skin.  I have suffered from eczema in the past, and Aveeno is usually gentle enough to not make this worse.  Aveeno makes a fragrance-free sensitive body wash that is pretty wonderful.  It is very gentle, and did not aggravate my skin throughout my course on Accutane.  Towards the end, I did develop eczema on my forearms, and upper arms, but I am pretty sure this would have been even worse if I had kept using the fragranced body wash from Bath and Body Works.  If you are starting on Accutane you want to look for the most gentle products you can find, as your skin is likely to get pretty angry!  I highly recommend this!

What is your favourite body wash?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Julep Juliana ♥ NOTD

As promised, here is a swatch of the beautiful Juliana from Julep's July box.  This polish is slightly sheer, and iridescent, as described on the website.  It was super easy to apply, and did pretty well with two coats.  I love sheer nail polishes because they are so easy to apply, and you don't have to be quite as careful as you do with an opaque polish.  This is such a gorgeous pink with a coral/orange iridescence running through.  I love this colour for Spring, and Summer, and I think it would look so gorgeous on toes!

Bottom Coat:  Pacifica
Top Coat:  Essie Good to Go

What are you guys wearing on your nails right now?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Julep Maven July 2015 ♥ Drenched

My July Julep Maven box arrived in the mail yesterday!  When I was driving home from work I could sense that it had arrived.  Maybe this is my superpower?

The shades I opted for were Juliana, and Alexa.  The third item I selected was a Plush Pout in the shade Almond Nude.  

Juliana is from the It Girl collection and is described on the website as a Pink Grapefruit Sheer Iridescent.  Alexa is from the Classic with a Twist collection and is described as a Hyacinth Creme.

Juliana has one of those finishes that looks almost molten in appearance.  It is so dynamic, and unique.  Stay tuned for a NOTD with Juliana tomorrow!

Juliana (Left), and Alexa (Right)

I have one of the Plush Pouts in the shade Magenta Plum Creme, which I wore a ton during Autumn last year.  I will be doing a post soon with lip swatches of both pouts, and a review.

Does anyone else out there in blogland subscribe to Julep?  What did you get in your box this month?!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weekly Whimsy ♥ #1

I am a huge sucker for a good quote.  I find that they help me to reflect on things, and see life from different perspectives.  Sometimes a good quote can completely change my mood.  I think that a good beauty regimen needs to include taking care of ourselves on the inside as well.  Sometimes self-care includes taking time to reflect.

Each week will include a custom made pin which you are all welcome to share, and add to Pinterest! My mom designs all of them, she is one skilled lady.  Speaking of Pinterest, you can check out my page here, if you are pinterested!

I love this quote because it makes me think about my inner child.  I think it is so incredibly important to take the time to do things to nurture our inner child.  This might look different for everybody. We have areas of our lives where we have to come across quite responsible, and "grown-up".  For me, this is at work.  I work as a therapist in an office with lots of other professionals.  I think it's great to maintain a professional demeanour when at work, or at school if you are a student. I think we run into trouble when we let this level of seriousness bleed into the other areas of our lives as well.

Not growing up means letting ourselves be whimsical sometimes!  For me, this might mean spending my downtime watching old Disney movies from my childhood (Lion King, anyone?!).  Or eating ice cream, with rainbow sprinkles, heck ya!  Looking at funny pictures online, and having a really good laugh is another way to get that release. It is so valuable to spend time with people who you can be yourself around, and who know the real, genuine you.  Being able to be our authentic selves can help to nurture our inner child.  This part of ourselves can sometimes be smothered if we always feel like we need to put on our "grown-up" face.

What do you like to do to nurture your inner child?  What is something silly, and whimsical you have done lately?

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Foundation for Pale Skin

As the palest of the pale, I have struggled to find a foundation that matches my skin.  It is rare to find something at the drugstore that is even close.  The closest match I ever found was in Covergirl's Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation in 905 (check out my post on that product here).  When I started on Accutane I needed to switch to an oil-free foundation.  This re-sparked my obsession with finding the palest foundation in existence.  I went to Sephora, and swatched pretty much EVERY foundation in the store.  The heavens opened up when I finally swatched Make Up Forever's Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation in No. 15 Alabaster ($44).  This stuff is actually TOO light for my skin tone, gasp!  I tried mixing it with a new, oil-free foundation I found from Almay called Truly Lasting Colour ($15-$17).  My shade is 120 Ivory.  A 50/50 mixture of these two foundations is an exact match for my skin.  I have neutral undertones.

If you are super pale like me, it would be worth checking out the Make Up Forever foundation.  This could be mixed with any drugstore foundation to help you make it just that slight bit paler.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Radiant Orchid Nails

I love the kinds of shades that are halfway between purple and pink.  I am still not over the Radiant Orchid trend from last year.  Maybelline Color Show in Lust for Lilac is just one of those shades.  It looks so bright, and flirty this time of year.  Dare I say, it even makes me look slightly tan?  You can achieve opacity in two coats with this beauty.  I then used Revlon Starry Pink as an accent nail.  I did one coat of Lust for Lilac on my ring finger, and then one thick coat of Starry Pink.  I love this combo because it is soft, and feminine, while at the same time having a cool, muted-neon edge to it. 

What are you guys rocking on your nails right now?

Revlon Starry Pink (Left), and Maybelline Lust for Lilac (Right)