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Monday, June 8, 2015

How I Shape my Nails ♥♥♥ Tutorial


Straight-Edge Clippers and a Nail File

My nails grow super fast, so it is nice to have a really quick nail-shaping routine.  My nails grow naturally in a long, rounded shape, but I am more partial to a straight-top look.  I found these nail clippers at London Drugs for a few dollars.  The thing I love about these clippers is that they are straight instead of curved!  I take the clippers and just make one clip across the top of each nail.  I then use the nail file to shape the ends of each nail so they are more rounded, otherwise they can be quite sharp!  When my nails are shaped like this I think it looks way more put together.  It also makes polish look amazing!  How do you like to shape your nails?

This nail shape makes bright colours look stunning!

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