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Monday, March 23, 2015

Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks | Review

Left - Sweet Pea |  Right - Gladiolus


I recently picked up a couple of shades of the Revlon HD Lipsticks.  The shades they have available in this range are so completely perfect for Spring and Summer.  The two shades I grabbed are Sweet Pea, and Gladiolus.  Sweet Pea is a bright, carnation pink shade, and Gladiolus is a gorgeous cool, red shade. I picked Sweet Pea because in the swatches online it almost looked like it had a slightly purple tinge to it.  In reality, this is not the case.  This pink is not very flattering on me, and does not make the teeth look very white!  Gladiolus, however, is an absolute stunner!  I don't wear reds very often, but this is incredibly wearable.  I gently dab it onto my lips from the bullet, and then blend it in with my finger.  This gives my lips a gorgeous, red stain, that lasts ALL day!  I wore this for 6 hours yesterday without retouching and my lips still had the red stain afterward.  I tried the same blending strategy with Sweet Pea, but I found that this shade really clung to the flakier parts of my lips and it didn't really work!

What shades from this range are you drawn to?

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