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Friday, December 4, 2015

Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm ❤ Review/Rave

I recently ran out of my Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm (that stuff lasts forevs).  I knew I wanted something more luxurious than just any lip balm.  There's something fun about a potted lip balm as part of a bedtime routine.  I don't use this kind of lip balm during the day because it is just too messy.  This was an impulse purchase in the checkout at Chapters (it happens to the best of us!).  It was about $10 and worth every penny!  This balm is very soft, and light.  It looks quite pink in the pot, but is essentially transparent when applied to the lips.  It has a thin, vaseline-type consistency.  The scent is mostly mint, with a touch of rose.  The rose is not overpowering at all, if you aren't into that sort of thing.  It feels so nice on the lips, and leaves a slight tingliness.  I definitely recommend this!!

Here's a link to it on the Chapters website!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Julep Suzanne ❤ Holiday NOTD #2

Red, sparkly nails are definitely a sign that the Holidays are approaching.  This shade of red is so festive, and looks great for any occasion!  I especially love red nails with an all black outfit.  This shade came in my November Julep box, and is called Suzanne.  It is described as a Scarlet with Gold Microshimmer.  You can't see the gold very well on the nail, but in the bottle it is really nice.  I am also wearing Melody top coat on my ring finger.  Check out this link for more swatches of this awesome top coat!

This applied nicely in two coats, which is pretty standard for Julep polishes.  I am waiting eagerly for my December box to arrive.  I got some amazzzzzing Christmasy colours, can't wait!!!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Julep Kris and Melody ❤ Holiday NOTD #1

Julep Kris with Melody top coat

Heya nail lovers!  This NOTD is brought to you by Julep, and my insatiable desire to make everything feel Christmasy.  I love silver nails for the Holiday season.  My Julep box this month was pretty Christmas-oriented, I also got a beautiful red, and rose gold shade.  This is the first one I have tried on though.  I did two layers of Julep Kris, which is described as an Arctic shade.  It is a very light silver with an iridescent glitter.  I then topped it with Julep Melody, which is a really unique top coat.  You can see in the pictures below what it looks like before, and after being shaken.  The polish it is suspended in is super thin, which is sort of strange, but it is really pretty.  What do you think?  I just did one coat of the top coat.  I then topped the whole shebang with Nail Tek Intensive II, which I will be reviewing soon!

Julep Kris

Julep Melody - Unshaken

Julep Melody - Shaken

Anyone else getting in the Holiday spirit!?!?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Julep Maven ♥ October 2015

My Julep box came in the mail today, and it is glorious!  The collection is called New York Never Sleeps.  The colours from this collection are absolutely stunning.

For this box I chose three nail polishes, and an Eyeshadow.  Two of the nail polishes (Jocelyn, and Alison, came in the collection, and the third (Tanith), was an add-on.

This first shade is called Jocelyn, and it is described as a Cranberry Shimmer with Holographic Microglitter.  This is Fall in a bottle, am I right?  It is a lovely, Autumnal colour with an insane amount of iridescence.  I cannot wait to try this one on.  It is from the Classic with a Twist category.

This shade is called Tanith, and it is described as a Warm Putty with Gold Microglitter.  I would call this more of a dusty rose than a "putty", but I guess we will have to see what it looks like on the nails. This also has a ton of microglitter, which I am so in love with right now.  Isn't this such a pretty, feminine shade?  Also from the Classic with a Twist box!

This last polish is called Alison, and it is described as a Sweet Almond Soft Focus.  Julep's soft focus polishes are a delicate, matte finish.  I have tried this finish before and it is really unique, and pretty. I thought this shade would be very dainty, and neutral, with an added flair of the matte effect.  We will see!  Shockingly, also from the Classic with a Twist category!  I almost never get three of the same!

Julep's special offering this month were Eyeshadow sticks, or Eyeshadow 101's as they call them.  This one is in the shade Orchid.  It is really more of a plummy, cranberry than orchid.  I am excited to try this on my eyes tomorrow.  The swatch stayed on my hand for a really long time, so the staying power on this might be pretty great.

Overall I am very, very pleased with this collection!  There were some incredibly unique shades on offer, and the ones I received are truly stunning.  I can't wait to slap these on my nails!

Visit Julep.com to become a Julep Maven, and start getting some goodies in the mail!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Hair for Autumn ♥ L'Oréal Paris: Casting Crème Gloss

I decided to make a bold hair change for the upcoming Autumn months.  I blame it on binge-watching two seasons of Witches of East End on Netflix.  DAMN YOU, AUNT WENDY!  I had used the Loreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss previously in Vibrant Darkest Auburn and absolutely loved it.  In the pictures below, the Auburn has almost completely washed out.  It truly does fade away significantly after 28 washes, which I love.  This dye covers up my grey hair, but fades away gradually enough that I don't get roots.  Hooray!

The shade I chose this time is Darkest Plum.  It is very, very dark!  It has great dimensionality to it; when I am outside, or near light, you can see a dark red/purple highlight in my hair.  It is exactly what I was hoping for going into Autumn.  What I love most about this colour is that it gives me the uniqueness of having purple hair, with out feeling like it is too much.  This is still office-appropriate hair.  I work in a professional setting, and this colour is different, with out making me worried of the impression I may be giving off to colleagues, and clients.  

I highly recommend this product if you are looking to experiment with colour, but not wanting the commitment.  After 28 washes it will fade out, and you don't have to stress out about roots.  Give it a try, especially if you have premature grey hairs like moi!





Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Weekly Whimsy ♥ #7

It takes courage to put yourself out there and create something.  When we create something we are expressing a part of ourselves that may otherwise stay hidden.  Being creative, and thinking outside of the box, opens us up to judgement from others.  This can be especially scary if what you have created is near, and dear to your heart.  Being creative, and willing to go against the status quo, is how so many of the great discoveries of the world came to be.

Creativity can be an incredible stress-reliever, and can help us to build mastery in certain areas of our lives.  What ways do you like to be creative?

I view blogging as a creative process, and a way to express myself.  Being able to take a peek into the lives, and visions, of others from all over the world is what I love the most about the blogging community!  I hope to tap in to more of my creativity on this blog moving forward, and I am excited to see what that will look like!

Feel free to pin this if you are inspired!  Have a great week :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Weekly Whimsy ♥ #6

Here is your quote for the week!

This quote makes me think of those really big dreams we have for our future.  It could be a dream to get a great career, meet the person of our dreams, or just live a content, and happy life.  All of these things are within reach, but not if we are too afraid to take steps towards them.  We have to put ourselves out there, and take the risks that are necessary to achieve these goals.  We won't  be able to achieve those things we really want in life, if we just think about them.  We have to act on these thoughts too!  Take a step today towards something you really want in life.  If you do anything today, do something that helps you get another step towards being a happier you.

Feel free to pin this if you are inspired!  Feed your whimsy!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weekly Whimsy ♥ #5

It can be overwhelming sometimes to imagine how we, as one person, can make a positive impact on the world.  We are only one person in 7 billion.  As one person, we are not going to solve world hunger, or reverse global warming, but we can still make a positive impact just by being ourselves. Have you ever heard of the concept of 'Paying it Forward'?  Be kind to one person tomorrow, in the hopes that they pass that kindness on to someone else, or 'pay it forward'.  Smile at someone in the street, or let someone merge in front of you in traffic.  Pay for the person's coffee behind you in the line at Starbucks, or hold the door open for someone. Pay someone an unexpected compliment or send a nice text to someone you haven't spoken to in awhile.  All of these things are achievable within our busy lives, and they all add up.  Be a beacon of love and joy in the world, and watch that light spread from each person you touch.

What's something nice you might do for someone today?

Feel free to pin this if you are inspired!  Have an awesome day.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Bath and Body Works Repackaged Hand Sanitizers ♥ Review

I popped into Bath and Body works, aka; Nirvana, the other day.  My eyes were immediately drawn to the display filled with their repackaged PocketBac Hand Sanitizers! These things are beyond adorable.  They look like perfect little pods of bright-coloured awesomeness.  The colours are so vibrant, and the new shape is far superior to the previous, more squared-off design.  I grabbed three scents, Watermelon Picnic, Pineapple Sorbet, and Sweet Peach Tea.  I love the fruity, and citrusy scents from BBW so much, and these did not disappoint.  The employee who helped me explained that they have reformulated them so that they do not have such a strong alcohol-y scent when applied to hands.  I can confirm this!  When applied to my hands, there is no longer that moment where the alcohol vapours rush up my nose, which is awesome!  These are pretty much always on sale as well.

I cannot wait to see what scents they bring out for Autumn!  Have you guys grabbed any of these little gems?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weekly Whimsy ♥ #4

Happy Wednesday everyone!

How is your week going so far?  Sometimes we have good days, and sometimes we have bad days. As human beings, we are prone to collect all of the moments from the bad days, and carry them around with us.  We are so much less likely to remember all of the good moments that happen.  We will sometimes just brush off these positive moments as "flukes", or not give ourselves credit where it is due.  This can begin to feel really heavy, because we end up carrying around all of the garbage, and negativity from the past.  If we can let those things go, it begins to feel easier to walk around without being weighed down.

Make it a habit to sit down at the end of the day and think of three things that went well, or that made you happy.  Even the littlest things can count!  Mentally shake off the negatives from the day, whether it is something rude someone said to you, or maybe something silly you wish you hadn't said.  Help to train your brain to focus on, and remember the good moments, and the backpack you carry with you through life will seem a lot lighter.

Feel free to pin this if it inspires you!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back to School ♥ Loonie Store Haul

I love this time of year because all of the stores start their Back to School sales!  I was always one of those dorky kids who got totally excited when their school supply list showed up.  My mom and I would go to our local Zellers (Canadians will be able to feel the nostalgia with me), and we would get our shop on.

Even when I was in grad school, I would always go to Walmart, Target, or the Loonie Store to indulge in a bit of cheeky back to school shopping.  Despite having finished school three years ago, I still get very, very stoked when I see the notebooks, stickers, and pens being put on the shelves.  

One of my favourite places for school supplies is the Loonie Store!  That's what we call the Dollar Store where I come from.  Here are a few things I managed to grab up from Dollarama.  Everything was only $1.25!  I wonder if they will ever change their name to the Loonie and a Quarter store?

I got this great magnetic, weekly, dry-erase board!  My plan is to start using this to plan my workouts, and my blog schedule.  I am trying to work out at least three days a week, in order to keep up with my fitness goals.  You can read more about my fitness goals here!

Who doesn't love a good notebook?  I just couldn't pass up this beauty for only a $1.25.  Not sure what I am going to use it for yet, oh well!  I love the added detail inside with the beautiful blue pattern.  It has a hardcover on it, which will make it nice if I want to use it to write lists when I am watching TV, or in bed.

Last, but not least, I got some adorable cat stickers.  No #catlady worth her salt could have passed on these.  Especially since two of them look just like my little buddies!  Look closely, and you'll see I labelled them!  I have always loved stickers, and I doubt I will ever grow out of that.

While at the Loonie Store, I also grabbed a bag of Laffy Taffy, and some Sour Patch Kid Jelly Beans.  I had never seen the Jelly Beans before.  They were pretty meh.

Do you guys like to shop at the Loonie/Dollar Store?  It is such a good value for the price.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Weekly Whimsy ♥ #3

Even when it seems like there are nothing but bad days, life can surprise you and throw something great in your path.  If we are open to the possibility of great things, we are more likely to be aware of the doors that open to us.  These doors can help lead us to those fabulous things taking shape.  Keep your eyes, and your heart open to the possibilities, and know that even when times are rough, we have the power to make positive change and move towards the lives we want to be living.  Keep working hard toward your goals, and you will get there!

Feel free to use this, and pin it if you like :)  Have an awesome Wednesday!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara in Portly Plum

Mascara is definitely one of those things I do not tend to get excited about.  I can't even remember the last time I bought one!  I will typically just choose a mini mascara as a reward if I am placing an order on Sephora, and that carries me through until the next time I can spend 100 points to get a sample.  This has worked well for me for quite some time! However, I saw the Clinique Chubby Lash mascara online in the shade Black Honey, and was very intrigued.  I went onto Sephora's website and saw that there were several other colours as well.  I opted for the shade Portly Plum, which is just as the name suggests, a plummy maroon colour.

I was slightly intimidated by the shade when I opened the tube.  It is epicly purple.  In the picture below, you can see what the mascara looked like after one coat on my top lashes.  It definitely has a noticable colour to it.  I love it, because I think it brings out the green tones in my hazel eyes.  The colour is only noticable if you are in brighter light, and the person is fairly close to your face.  It is one of those, "if you can see the colour of my mascara, then you might be too close", situations.  I think it is subtle, and quite lovely.

Left eye with Clinique Chubby Lash in Portly Plum

Right eye, no mascara for comparison.

If you compare the two pictures above, one with, and one without mascara, I think you can see that this product provides some pretty decent length and volume.  I have medium to long lashes, and this mascara gives them that extra pop.  I have quite a small space between my top eyelid, and my eyebrow, so I know a mascara is decent when my lashes almost touch my eyebrows.

I experienced no clumpiness, or flaking from this product, and it removed quite easily at the end of the day.  The price is pretty reasonable at $20 per tube, considering how expensive some drugstore mascaras can be (I'm looking at you, Physician's Formula!).

I definitely want to try some other shades.  Perhaps the teal next?

Which shade would you want to try?