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Friday, November 28, 2014

Accutane Diary: Day 80

I can't believe it is already Day 80!  I had my second appointment with my dermatologist after about one month of treatment.  He said there wasn't much difference, but hopefully by the next appointment we would be able to talk about scar treatment.  He booked my next appointment for two months down the road, which is going to be December 1!  He also increased my dose from 40mg daily, to alternating between 40mg and 80mg daily.

In the second month I noticed something strange happening to the pores on my nose.  They basically opened right up.  I mean, in a BIG way.  It was almost like the blackheads were getting pushed out...  The pores were wide open at this point, and very noticable.  Currently, on Day 80, my pores are smaller, and are completely clean.  It's amazing!

The main side effect I have had over the last month is an extreme dryness inside my nose.  There is blood in there, pretty much all of the time.  When I blow my nose throughout the day, there is always blood in the kleenex.  It is also getting quite cold outside, which is not helping.  I tried a humidifier, but I just cannot do ambient noise while sleeping, so I gave up.  My nose seems to have calmed down over the last week, still bloody, but not as dry and painful inside.

I was expecting huge problems with my lips, as the derm, and his assistant said that they were basically going to crack and fall off of my face.  I can happily report that this has not happened.  My lips are slightly flaky, but no more than usual for this time of year, really.  My hands are still really dry, and this dryness has started to move up my arms as well, with some eczema in the crooks of my elbows.

Now that I am almost done by third month of Accutane, I can say that I am seeing an enormous difference in my skin.  The left side of my face is completely clear, but still red from scarring.  My right side is clear, except for one big baddy zit that just does not want to die.  I just had my PMS week, and did not break out.  Also, the skin on my face has not dried out at all, which I was really expecting.

I am very, very happy with my decision to go on Accutane.  My skin is looking noticably clearer, and it takes less makeup for me to feel confident when I get ready in the morning.  The doctor says I will be on the medication for approximately 7 months, which means I am not even halfway through my course of treatment.  I cannot wait to see how my skin continues to improve.  At first I wondered why my derm opted to put me on 40mg, and 80mg alternating, instead of the full 120mg, which he could potentially do because of my body weight.  I think that staying on the lower dose has helped me avoid a lot of the more serious, and uncomfortable side effects that often come with this medication.

Monday, November 3, 2014

New Love: Tea Lattes!

I am a coffee-girl, through and through, however, I have really gotten into tea as well.  If you had asked me about drinking tea a year ago, I would have said "heck no, give me some coffee!".  My mom was born in England, so I decided it was time to tap into my British roots and cultivate a love for all things tea.  The obsession started upon my discovery of DaivdsTEA.  This store is overwhelming in the best way possible.  They have what seems like hundreds of options when it comes to different kinds of loose leaf tea.  After trying a bunch of different ones, I have learned that I really love Rooibos teas, particularly Jessie's Tea.  My favourite however, is called Forever Nuts.  Who knew that almonds/walnuts would taste so good in tea?!

I swung by DavidsTEA a couple of weeks ago and tried one of their new Tea Lattes.  I ordered a Pumpkin Cheesecake tea, with regular milk and some agave.  It was life altering.  It tastes BETTER than a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.  Blasphemy!

I decided I would try to make my own Tea Lattes at home, as I had watched the person at the tea shop make mine.  Here is my recipe:

1.5 Teaspoons of your favourite loose leaf tea brewed in about .5 to .75 cups of boiling water
2 sugar cubes
.5 to 1 cup of the milk of your choosing, frothed (I have a handheld frother)

I brew the tea until it is medium to strong, stir in the sugar cubes, and pour in the milk.  Here is the end result:

The tea I used for this one is Bubbie's Baklava, which was released with DavidsTea's Winter Collection.  It is soooooo good.  The featured ingredients are walnuts and pistachios.  Yum!  Tea Lattes are really helping me get into the festive spirit.  They are so nice, and cozy!

Coffee or Tea, which do you go for??