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Sunday, October 26, 2014

FLOWER Beauty by Drew Barrymore Blooms in Canada (Finally!)

I was in Walmart the other day, and wandered into the cosmetics, as per usual.  I was looking to see if they had the new Revlon HD Lipsticks and Lacquers (they didn't), but I saw something even more exciting!  I saw a little display in the middle of an aisle for FLOWER Beauty, Drew Barrymore's makeup brand.  I was a little disappointed by the limited selection, and the display was being blocked by a big loading cart, so I kept on walking.  I turned the corner, and, behold, there was an entire display of FLOWER Beauty next to the Wet and Wild section!  The selection was excellent.  

I decided to grab a nail polish, and a lip butter.  I got the nail polish in Budding Romance, a beautiful molten ruby colour that was just screaming Christmas for me.  I also got a Lip Butter in the shade Haute Honeysuckle, which is a soft, nude shade with a bit of a pinky peachiness to it.  It was hard to choose because there were so many lovely colours to choose from.  I asked the checkout person when the brand arrived, and she said at the beginning of October.  It seems like it took a long time for us to finally get this in Canada.  Has anyone seen this in any other stores?

The packaging on the lipsticks is absolutely STUNNING!  This is one of those lippies that I would just leave on my makeup table because of the sheer artistry of it.  The top of the lipstick matches the colour inside.  This lipstick is very creamy, and opaque, as well as moisturizing.  I would love to try another one of these in a more Autumnal colour.

The nail polish was a dream to apply.  I went for two coats, as I find that it makes the polish last longer overall.  You could easily get away with one coat though, as it went on completely opaque and streak-free.  The consistency is perfect, not too thick, not too thin,  It spread over the nail with ease. The lipstick was $6.98, and the nail polish was $4.98.  

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