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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Accutane Diary: Day 10

I started taking Accutane 10 days ago.  I have struggled with my skin since my early 20s (I’m 29 now).  I went to a dermatologist as an undergrad and was prescribed antibiotics, a different kind of birth control, Benzoyl Peroxide cream and a Retisol-A cream.  This helped immensely to give me clearer skin, but it did not last.  After a couple of years the acne came back with a vengeance.  I tried a lot of different things to clear it up, including creams, and special primers/makeup, to no avail.  I tried changing my diet as well, cutting out almost all dairy from what I ate.  This helped somewhat, but the acne just came back even worse.  I finally decided that I was sick and tired of having to worry about my skin all the time, especially the angry red scars that would appear after every pimple.  I have very pale, sensitive skin, and the scars are very apparent when I am not wearing makeup.  I went to the dermatologist 10 days ago and he prescribed me
Accutane (Clarus, specifically). 

I had to go get a blood test to test for what I think are tryglycerides… or fat in my liver, or something.  After this I was able to start taking Accutane.  I know that in the States there are much stricter rules in place in order to start taking Accutane, such as an online pledge, and a pregnancy test.  They do make it very clear that you need a prescription for birth control to use Accutane in Canada, and I am, due to the very serious birth defects that can occur with even ONE Accutane pill.

When I first started I thought my lips started to dry out, which is one sign of using Accutane, but I think I psyched myself out because I had been reading Accutane Blogs and Diaries obsessively.  10 days in and I can say that I am not currently experiencing any dryness of my face, or lips.  I`ve always struggled with ecsema on my hands, and that seems to have worsened since starting to take the pill.  Other than this, no problems.  I think my skin has started to clear slightly, but I would really need to compare some pictures I have taken to be sure.  My mom says she sees a difference already!

I will be posting here weekly, or bi-weekly, as I continue with this treatment.  I should be on it for approximately 5 months.  I am so insanely excited, as the doctor has told me that Accutane essentially CURES acne in 70% of those who take it.  The other 30% get clear skin for several years, and then have to go on another course, but still, that is amazing.

Wish me luck!  Has anyone else tried Accutane?


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