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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Essie Nail Polish Collection

Welcome to my Essie collection!  If you have read through my blog, you know by now that I have a HUGE love for all things nail polish.  Essie is defnitely one of my favourite brands.  I put off buying Essie for a long time because of the price tag.  They retail for about $8.99 in Canada, which is double what you would pay for a Revlon polish.  If I'm honest, I would say that Revlon makes better quality nail polish..... that being said, how can you resist the adorable packaging that Essie has to offer?  The colour selection with Essie is stellar, and they release collections throughout the year too, which makes it easy to get sucked in and become a loyal follower.

 L to R:  Lady Like, Pilates Hottie, Bangle Jangle, Sittin' Pretty, Play Date, and Chinchilly

 L to R:  Spin the Bottle, Pink-a-Boo, Leading Lady, The Girls are Out, Truth or Flare, and Angora Cardi

The first Essie polish I ever bought was Angora Cardi.  I remember this SO clearly because I bought it to wear to my first week of my graduate school internship.  I thought the name, and the colour, would somehow make me look uber professional.  Now let's talk about the shades!

Lady Like:  The Essie website describes this as an 'elegant, soft mauve'.  I would say that is spot on. This is the most gorgeous neutral shade for any occasion.  It has just a touch of pink/mauve which makes it so classic and sophisticated.  This is an absolute must-have if you are looking to get some Essie polishes.

Pilates Hottie:  This is another one I would consider a must-own, as it is an incredibly unique greyed-out lilac.  Unfortunately, I just tried to find it on the website and it does not seem to be available anymore.  It was one of the polishes from the Yogaga Collection.

Bangle Jangle:  Do not fret!  If you can't get Pilates Hottie, Bangle Jangle is a close second.  This is another grey-toned lilac, or as the Essie site describes it:  a lavender amethyst.  This one is still appearing on the American Essie site, but not the Canadian.

Sittin' Pretty and Play Date:  I am grouping these two together because they are VERY similar.  For the longest time Play Date was my absolute, hands-down, favourite nail polish.  Not just favourite Essie polish, but favourite of ALL of my polishes across all brands.  This was true until I saw Sittin' Pretty in my local Superstore.  Sittin' Pretty is, basically, Play Date's slightly more cool-toned, hot older sister.  Play Date is described on the site as being a 'flirtacious soft purple', where as Sittin' Pretty is described as a 'vivid, intense lavender'.  Sittin' Pretty is part of the Neon 2014 Too Taboo collection, which means it may be limited edition.  Run out and get it, ASAP.

Chinchilly:  Oh, the infamous Chinchilly.  I saw so many people raving about this colour in blogs, and on youtube.  I'll be honest... it's kind of 'meh', in my opinion.  It is described as a 'sleek granite grey'. Maybe it just does not flatter my uber-fair skin tone, but it just felt too muddy for my liking.  Give me a nice light, cool-toned grey and I am all aboard.  I would say you could pass on this one.

Spin the Bottle:  I found this one laying around my local Target with a clearance sticker on it.  I picked it up, and stared at it for a minute... then put it down, thinking "What the hell is this colour, I don't need it."  Then I immediately walked back and put it in my basket.  For two reasons, I have nothing like this at all i my collection, and it was fricking $2.69!!  It is described as a 'semi sheer nude'. This one isn't a must-have by any means, but it sure is out of my comfort zone!

Pink-a-Boo:  More like, Pink-a-BORING.  This is just a really pale pink with some shimmer in it. Nothing special at all. PASS.  It is super sheer, which means it takes way too many coats to make it worth it.

Leading Lady:  I debated buying this for over a month when this Winter 2012 collection was released. I just could not get it out of my head, so it went into my basket.  It is just so pretty, and sparkly, and Christmasy!  It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz.  It is described as a 'supreme deep red with shimmer'.

The Girls are Out:  I got this for $2.00 at my local Dollar Tree, because WTF they sell Essie at Dollar Tree now!  There is really nothing special about this shade, which is probably why it was at the loonie store.  It is described as a 'fuchsia peony sparkle'.  Not terribly unique.

Truth or Flare:  This is an interesting shade.  I struggle with this one because I just feel that it is borderline inappropriate to wear to a professional workplace.  It is just too.... blue.  I think it could look really good on the toes though!  It is described as a 'vintage blue denim'.

Angora Cardi:  Described as a 'creamy, deep dusty rose'.  Perfect description.  It is very demure, and classy.  It does not get pulled out of my collection very often.  I feel compelled to give it a fair shot, though, because it is a pretty unique colour.

L to R:  Lady Like, Pilates Hottie, Bangle Jangle, Sittin' Pretty, Play Date, and Chinchilly

L to R:  Spin the Bottle, Pink-a-Boo, Leading Lady, The Girls are Out, Truth or Flare, and Angora Cardi

 L to R:  Lady Like, Pilates Hottie, Bangle Jangle, Sittin' Pretty, Play Date, and Chinchilly

(Last Six)  L to R:  Spin the Bottle, Pink-a-Boo, Leading Lady, The Girls are Out, Truth or Flare, and Angora Cardi

If you can only have ONE!:  Sittin' Pretty!!!!!  This is one of those "I can't stop looking at my hands", type of colours.  It is mesmerizingly beautiful.  

Hope you enjoyed!  I didn't realize I only have 12 Essie nail polishes... it may be time to remedy that!



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    xoxo Antonella !

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