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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Haul time! Feelunique.com

I went for a bit of a splurge on the feelunique website about three weeks ago.  My main goal was to get a new kabuki brush, because I've been using the Ecotools one for awhile, and wanted to convert to Real Techniques.  I really can't say enough good things about the Real Techniques brushes.  They are by far the best brushes I have ever used.  They are well worth the money!  

I purchased the Real Techniques Kabuki Brush, and the Retractable Lip Brush.  My hope is that with this lip brush in my collection I will be more motivated to use my Sleek pout paints!  I also got a lip gloss from Tanya Burr in Exotic Island.  I love Tanya Burr, her Youtube videos are always so uplifting and fun to watch.  I wanted to own something from her collection because I am such a big fangirl.  I wanted a nail polish but they are not currently shipping to Canada, which is a major bummer!  Penguin Chic, I want thee!

My most exciting purchase is the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blusher in Cherub.  I saw Estee from Essiebutton wearing this in one of her videos, and I immediately fell in love.  Her and I are both really pale, so I think it will complement my skintone as well.  It is a very delicate peachy pink colour, and it is a dream to apply with a stipple brush.  I just put some on over the makeup I just wore to work for 11 hours, so it is a bit Caketown, but it looks promising!  I will try it on a clean-slate face tomorrow morning.

Feelunique carries a lot of really awesome brands, and the shipping is free worldwide if you spent about $15.  Maybe it's time for a splurge?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sephora Formula X Nail Polish in Potent

So I did a little bit of damage in Sephora today.  I am going to post a Sephora haul later on in the week, but I thought I would write a post about my first impressions of Formula X for Sephora nail color.  I went to Sephora today determined that I was going to get one of these polishes, because the hype around these is hugeeee across the blogosphere and Youtube, and I appreciate a good polish, as you know. 

I was going to go for one of the polishes from the Electric collection, but I opted for something a bit more wearable, and Springy.  The shade I got is Potent, and it is from the New Neutrals collection.  This colour is described on the site as being a Carnation Pink, but it definitely has some purple tones in real life.  I wanted to get this shade because I have always struggled with pale pink polishes (say that three times fast).  They always seem to apply streaky, and end up being WAY too high maintenance.  Sadly to say, despite the price tag on this, Potent wasn't any different.  The finish, as you can see above, is beautiful (this is with Seche Vite top coat), but getting to this point was kind of annoying.  The polish is quite thick, and applies streaky and sort of globby.  It took me three coats to get the effect above.

I am not sure if I will go out of my way to get another one of these.  The special effect polishes are pretty rad, but not $13 worth of rad.  I was pressured (twice) by sales associates to get the kit that comes with the cleanser, base coat, and top coat, but I was not interested.  They said it would make my polish last two weeks, but as a self-proclaimed polish lover, I actually LIKE changing my polish every three days or so!  

Has anyone tried these and had a different experience?  Please let me know in the comments, as maybe I just got a dud!