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Monday, May 26, 2014

NOTD: Rimmel Pink-a-boo and NYC Top of the Gold

I absolutely love this colour for Spring.  It screams, "Fun, and flowery!", without being too in your face.  The pink shade is Rimmel's 60 second polish in Pink-a-boo.  These polishes live up to the name, and actually do dry faster than other polishes I have tried.  This, paired with a nice topcoat, is a HUGE time saver.  The above picture if with two coats.  I love the brush on this polish.  It is wide, and flat, which makes it easier to paint most of your nail in one swipe.  This helps me to get less polish around the outside of my nail, which is my superpower...

The accent polish on my ring finger is NYC's Top of the Gold. This is a gold flake suspended in a clear polish.  I have been looking for a gold flake polish for awhile, and this is as close as I could find.  The flakes are a little small for my taste, but it adds a nice, subtle sparkle to the accent nail.  Does anyone know of any gold flake polishes that have larger flakes?  

Top of the Gold

Top of the Gold
The top coat here is Seche Vite, and I used Essie "First Base" base coat.

I am slowly starting to settle into Spring, and the idea of Summer being right around the corner... but I am already craving Fall!  What are your favourite Spring polishes?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lipsmacker Breakfast Trio

This trio comes with three flavours:  Orange Juice, Blueberry Pancake, and Maple Bacon.  I bet you can guess which of these three drew me in?  BACON.  I would say that all three of these Lipsmackers smell pretty much just like their names.  When I applied the blueberry pancake one, I could seriously imagine that I had just eaten pancakes, and the remnants were still on my lips.  The bacon one had a very sweet smell to it, but you can definitely sense something savoury going on there, and not in a gross way.  I was most worried about the orange juice chapstick because I had used an orange flavoured Lipsmacker previously and it reminded me of laundry detergent.  However, this one had a nice, fresh scent to it.

I would say that if you are curious about maple bacon chapstick, this is a no-brainer.  It is pretty fun, and who doesn't love a lipsmacker?  Nostalgia!  I got mine at Real Canadian Superstore.