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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekly Challenge: Wear the same make-up all week!

Every week or so I want to give myself a challenge that I have to complete.  This week it is going to be to wear the same make-up everyday this week!  The above makeup is my selection for this challenge.


Sleek Eyeshadow Palette:  Oh So Special!

This palette has a nice assortment of shimmer and matte shades.  My goal this week is to wear the two matte brown shades on the bottom row, third and fourth in from the left.  I am hoping that having a whole week to practice will help me become more skilled at blending darker colours into my crease!

Benefit Mascara:  They're Real!

I tried this mascara once after receiving it as part of my Sephora birthday gift.  I did not like it.  I cannot recall why I did not like it, so my goal this week is to give it a fighting shot, because many of my favourite beauty bloggers seem to rate this as one of their faves!

Brows:  Maybelline Great Lash in Clear

I use this to help my eyebrows stay somewhat uniform throughout the day.  I don't use anything else in my brows as they are quite thick, and I really cannot be bothered!!


Primer:  Benefit The Porefessional

I got this in my Benefit advent calendar and I have only tried it once.  The one time I tried it I found that it seemed to collect on any dry skin and flake off.  I do not have dry skin, so I thought this was strange... but I am willing to give it a shot!

Covergirl Foundation:  Stay Fabulous in 905

I am more or less fixated on this foundation and have absolutely no future plans of using anything else, so this was an obvious choice.  Love it!

Concealer:  Revlon Age Defying Concealer

This is a recent purchase for me and I would like to have a more indepth look at how well it works.  I was immediately impressed by the shade; it is very light, and works quite well with my pale/ neutral under-toned skin.

Blush:  Revlon Cream Blush in Charmed

Ah, my favourite part!  I recently purchased this shade, and Coral Reef.  They were then put in the drawer when I started to go crazy for my new Maybelline Master Glaze blush in Just Pinched Pink.  I was so excited to find these Revlon  blushes, because I thought they had been forever discontinued, so now I need to really give this one some serious use!  Plus, I have been in love with cream blush lately, especially when applied with my Real Techniques Stipple Brush.

Highlighter:  Benefit High Beam

This one is tough for me because I fricking LOVE my Mary Loumanizer highlighter from TheBalm.  I think it is good to branch out, though!  I received this one in my Benefit advent calendar as well.

Powder:  MAC Studio Fix in N4

I always set my foundation with a little bit of this for some extra coverage and to help reduce shine.


Hard Candy All Glossed-up in Love Bite

This colour looks kind of cray cray in the tube, but is a truly beautiful, soft plummy-pink on the lips.  I have not been using this as much as I should, so I made it one of my picks.  I also want to be able to justify buying more shades of this lipstck because I just love the packaging, and they are SUPER moisturizing!

Top:  Hard Candy All-Glossed Up in Love Bite
Bottom:  Revlon Cream Blush in Charmed

I will update you guys on Monday to let you know how I did!  Wish me luck!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

NOTD: Julep Clara

I thought I would go for a pastel peach colour today because I am still feeling the Spring Fever!!  Unfortunately, this colour looks neon orange on me!  The consistency is quite thick as well, and even with three coats it comes across somewhat streaky.  I think I might have to do my nails again today because this colour is just not my jam!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo

I absolutely love NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.  I currently own four of these beauties: Milan, Istanbul, Monte Carlo, and this one, San Paulo!  San Paulo is a medium pink colour, completely work appropriate but still bold enough to give you a nice pop of colour.  NYX describes it as plummy pink, but I don't see much plum in it, to be honest.  These apply beautifully.  You can get away with one coat, but I typically let the first coat dry for a minute and then apply a second.  The scent to these is lovely, maybe a vanilla-y type scent?  They last quite a long time as well, even after eating, and drinking coffee.

I am beyond excited for the new colours they will be releasing!  Finally, some plums!  I think I am most excited for the new shade called Cannes, which is going to be a mauve shade :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation vs. Covergirl Trublend

As someone with pale skin I am constantly on the quest for a good foundation that will not look too dark on me.  I also have neutral undertones, so foundations will often look either too yellow, or too pink on my skin.  I've tried tons of drugstore foundations, as well as higher-end ones (NARS, Laura Mercier), and none of them seem to be my holy grail foundation.  They either cause me to become way too oily, or the colour just does not suit me.

I thought all hope was lost until I saw a video by MissGlamorazzi in which she discussed the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation.  I hadn't tried a Covergirl foundation since high school, so I thought it was worth a shot!  I grabbed it in shade 905, the lightest in the range.  I was immediately floored.  The coverage on this foundation is spectacular, and if you finish with a powder, it blends beautifully and looks flawless.  It lasts all day, and even by the time I get home from work 8 hours later, it isn't shiny.  This is the first foundation that I have not had to powder throughout the day, and I have oily skin.  I have already been through three bottles of this.

So I've found my holy grail foundation... why then, you might ask, am I still spending money experimenting on other ones?!  It's a sickness... there's always that tug towards trying other things to see if you can find something even more amazing.  Unfortunately, Covergirl Trublend was NOT that for me.  When I swatched the lightest shade, 405, next to the lightest shade in the Outlast range, the Trublend foundation was actually lighter.  You can see it in the picture if you look closely, the foundation on the left is Outlast, and the one on the right is the Trublend.  The Outlast appears slightly more orangey in the side-by-side.  HOWEVER, when applied, the Trublend almost immediately oxidized, and I felt like someone from Jersey Shore, ugh.  It was also, almost instantly oily on me, even after applying a powder.  This one also required multiple powder touch-ups throughout the day.  By the end of the day it did not look anywhere near as flawless as the Outlast.

Needless to say, I will be sticking with Covergirl Outlast foundation because it gives me everything I need and it is a near perfect match for my pale, neutrally under-toned skin.  The only thing that I could criticize about Outlast is that there is always some left in the bottom that I cannot get out with the pump!  But, I can live with that.  It covers my acne scars and hyper pigmentation beautifully, it is a definite winner!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Classic Combo: Creamy Corals

Top:  Revlon Photoready Blush in Coral Reef
Bottom:  L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire in Coral Encore

Coral isn't traditionally something one would wear in the Winter, but I just could not resist this amazing cheek/lip combination.  The blush is Revlon's Photoready Cream Blush in Coral Reef.  I missed the boat on these cream blushes when they were first released.  I could not find them anywhere, except for on amazon for $30!  So, when I saw the display in my local Walmart I grabbed two shades, Coral Reef and Charmed.  They are a beautiful, creamy consistency that is easily blendable and buildable. 

I passed on these new L'Oreal lipsticks when I first saw the display, but then when I saw lots of Youtube beauty gurus talking about them, I had to go back and give them a go.  I mulled over the colour selection for awhile, but settled on this coral shade in the end with some help from the person I was shopping with.  I had most of the colours swatched on my hand and then had them choose, which turned out well because I did not have a lippie that matched this Revlon cream blush!  These lipsticks are thick, and opaque on the lips, but not sticky.  This colour appears fairly neon in the tube, but settles into a totally wearable orange-y red on the lips.  I wasn't sure if I could pull these shade off at the office when I saw it in the tube, but now I find myself slapping it on at all hours of the day, even when just hanging out at home.

I can't say whether I like this lipstick more than the Maybelline version, aka the Color Elixirs, as I have not given the one I bought a very fair shake because it is too similar to my natural lip colour, and therefore bores me!  What I can say is that they feel pretty similar upon application.

Let me know whether you have tried either of these products, and which shades you have!

Cheers, Kat