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Sunday, August 25, 2013

NOTD: Raspberry Glitter with Maybelline Fuschia Fever, and Julep Paris

I have always been a huge fan of using the ring finger as an accent nail.  When I was in university I would often paint the ring finger a completely different colour from the other nails.  I liked to make the ring finger stand out, using solid glitter or something metallic.  Now that I work in an office, I try to do something more subtle.  I feel like this look is really unique and pretty, but not too flashy.

Maybelline Fuschia Fever is a really bizarre polish.  It goes on glossy, but when it dried it seems almost matte!  I had to put on three coats of this, and it still doesn't seen entirely opaque.  A top coat is an absolute must with this, unless you want the slightly matte look, which I didn't.

Julep Paris is a gold, chunky glitter that reflects many colours.  The clear polish that it is suspended in is very thick, which made this effect more difficult to achieve.  Initially, I didn't apply the top coat over the glitter, but this was a huge mistake.  Later in the evening, the glitter came right off of my nail in a huge clump!  I had to sort of stick it back on, and then cover it with a top coat to get it to stick.  I won't make that mistake again!

As usual, I used the Essie top and bottom coat with this look.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

NOTD: Keepin' it Casual with Julep Veronica

As I guessed in my last post, I got bored of Julep's Lois pretty quickly.  It was just too subtle!  This one is a little more bold, and it is definitely one of those colours that you just can't stop looking at once you put it on your nails.  This colour came with the Classic with a Twist August 2013 Julep Maven box.  It's a dusty rose/mauve cream.  Julep describes it as a "Modern Mauve Creme". 

You could easily get away with one coat of this on your nails, but I went for two just for good measure.  As always, I used my Essie top and bottom coats.  As mentioned earlier, I think this is a pretty unique colour and I just can't stop looking at it.  I think it is very sophisticated and would work really well for the office.  I think this is definitely a great colour for Spring, but I think it works now as we start to edge toward Autumn.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

NOTD: Frosty Rose with Julep Lois

I am a Julep Maven member and was pretty pleased with the offerings this month.  I have opted out of a couple months because I was kind of sick of neons, and colours I couldn't wear to work.  This month, however, did not disappoint!  This month I kept with my profile and went with Classic with a Twist, with one add-on.  The add-on I got this month was Lois.

Lois is from the Boho Glam line and is described as a "Dusty Rose Frost".  I think that is completely accurate.  I chose to get this add-on because I don't have anything else like it in my collection.  This picture is taken with two coats, with my Essie bottom and top coats.  Julep's frost/pearl polishes always go on like a dream, very smooth.

I think this colour is very wearable and office appropriate.  I love it, but I have to admit, it is a little bit too subtle and muted for my tastes, and I anticipate changing it up pretty quickly.  I think my next colour will be from my August box as well and it is called Veronica, so stay tuned!

Monday, August 12, 2013

NOTD: Pretty in Pink with JOE Fresh Cherry Blossom

Greetings!  This is my first ever post on this blog.  One of the main reasons I wanted to start a beauty blog is because I freaking LOVE nail polish! 

This NOTD is JOE Cherry Blossom, with Julep Camille as an accent on each ring finger.  JOE is a Canadian brand that is sold at our local grocery store, Real Canadian Superstore.  They have quite a nice selection for a fairly reasonable price.  This particular shade was an Easter gift from my mom, and I realized I hadn't tried it yet.  Needless to say, I love it, and I think it is the perfect light pink.  This would be great for the work week, or for a wedding.  I think this colour is unique, and extremely feminine :)

Julep Camille is a clear-based silver sparkle.  The base is very thick, and the glitter is fairly dense.  The glitter has a beautiful opalescent sparkle to it that is subtle enough for work, in my opinion, and adds that special flare to the accent nail that isn't too flashy.

The top coat is the Essie Good-to-Go topcoat, which works fairly well.  I had been using the Seche Vite topcoat for awhile, which I loved, but I read that there might be some pretty dangerous chemicals in that which have been linked to birth defects.  I stopped using it until I have more time to research this.